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Royal Pillow the finest 100% Down Pillows, Down/Feather blends, and Down alternative Pillows at WHOLESALE proces (just compare based on fill type and fill weight).


Pillows are made to order, whether it’s a Bed Pillow, Body Pillow, Travel Pillow or a Pet Bed. We also manufacture Pillow Cases, Pillow Protectors, and a special Allergy Zipper Protector so even allergy sufferers can enjoy the luxury and comfort of Down and Feather Pillows.

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Pillows: Made in the USA Highest quality inside and out!

We manufacture in large quantities to the trade professionals,  we don’t HYPE our products. A good example is the Thread Count, we have seen thread counts in the 600+ which all it means is that the customer is getting a very thin fabric!… our 308 thread count is optimum for holding in Down, and has an incredible satin-like feel and shine. The professional buyers are well aware of such industry Hypes.

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By selling direct, Royal Pillow delivers prompt service, at substantial savings to you, the individual customer. Shop with us here, online, or call us, at our toll free number (866) Pillow1 (745-5691).